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Operation: Cigars For Warriors

  • Support U.S. Service Members deployed to active combat zones by supplying them with premium cigars and accessories.
  • ​Cover storage and shipping Expenses. Getting premium supplies into the hands of our troops stationed around the world can be expensive.
  • Support U.S. Service Members on long term deployments outside the continental U.S. (OCONUS) in third-world environments and other appropriate Areas of Operations.

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Support Our U.S. Service Members! 

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A simple cigar is more than a thank you, it can give our warriors a moment of well-deserved relaxation in the middle of a war zone. With your help we can continue this time-honored tradition by supplying morale boosting cigars to our deployed warriors. All funds raised will further the mission of Operation: Cigars For Warriors by helping us to: 

Operation: Cigars For Warriors is an all-volunteer operation with more than 200 volunteers. It is our mission to support our troops through the collection and distribution of premium cigars, cigar accessories and other donated items to our deployed U.S. Service Members. Through the support and generosity of many across the U.S., Operation: Cigars For Warriors has been able to support thousands of U.S. Service Members deployed all over the world. It is our way to honor, show respect and thank those putting it all on the line for us back home. Please join us in supporting our endeavor to send love, honor, and respect--one cigar at a time to those whose sacrifices never end.​

Thank you!